Instead of working to get paid, Slava Voynov now gets paid to sit on his ass.

So the new idea is to beat the shit out of your parter and then get rewarded with full pay and no work. Sounds legit. 


my type: hockey players

their type: not me

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I’m dying over here.

Forever reblog

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honestly if you’re a fan, you should be able to handle your team at its worst

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Try as he might, Jamie Benn can’t help but crack a smile. x

Try as he might, Jamie Benn can’t help but crack a smile. x

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one direction?! Doing something fun and even slightly inappropriate¿! Fun?! One direction ? Allowed¿ touching themselves ? Charity and guest appearing¿ fUN???

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Reblog if you’ve made at least one friend because of a fandom.


Harry's lips


Harry's lips

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the incredible thing about the tumblr hockey fandom is that you can say “fuck the flyers” and flyers fans will reblog your post agreeing with you but if you say “fuck the hawks” hawks fans will throw a tantrum and probably remind you that your fave is problematic

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